Douglas Sumner,

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Developing for the web is not just a job, or a task, or a necessity. It is an art-form, and just like any other art-form, it takes passion to succeed in.

Through some set of unique circumstances, you've managed to stumble upon the website of a passioniate, dedicated web developer.

Enjoy your stay.

About Me


Website Development

The meat and potatoes of the whole website process, web development is my primary function, and I take great pride in it. I don't resort to pre-built, cookie-cutter themes for your website, because like your business, your website should be unique. My goal is to make all this confusing web jibberish less of a hassle for you.

Website Maintenance

Contrary to popular belief, a website is actually ALIVE. It doesn't eat the same food we do, but it thrives on a healthy web-based diet of fresh, quality content, regular software updates, and periodical QA testing. I'm here to help your website achieve and stay healthy, even after the development process.


There's always that nagging question of "Is anyone even looking at my website?"...well I'm here to tell you that Analytics is your answer! I have extensive experience with Google Analytics, and am happy to help you monitor your site with daily updates, monthly reports, and dashboard monitoring to view at your leisure.

Work Samples


COMING SOON: Stripe Data Plugin